Protects stainless steel and aluminium while bending on the press bank

Shape markings by bending without BENPRO

Completely scratch-free with BENPRO

Bending Protection System

About Us

Kersten-Mercuur is the expert in the protection of aluminium and stainless-steel during bending on a press brake. Under the brand name BEN-PRO, Kersten-Mercuur has been serving a great number of satisfied customers in Europe and beyond for more than 25 years. Founder and architect Hans Kersten has over forty years of experience in working with sheet metal. Having started out as a supplier of, among other things, press brakes, he came across with the problem that scratches and/or mould prints appeared on polished stainless-steel and aluminium during bending on the press brake. To find a solution to this, Kersten developed BEN-PRO (BENding-PROtection) as the ideal protective layer.

Product info

BEN-PRO offers optimal protection against scratches and/or mould prints during bending aluminium or stainless-steel in any kind of finish. BEN-PRO is a specially coated 0.2 mm thick fabric that can easily be affixed between the sheet and the mould, forming a protective layer and causing no angular deviation. BEN-PRO is available in 60 mm width in 50 metres rolls and in 120 mm and 240 mm widths in 12.5 metres rolls. If you would like more information, please contact us via the contact form.


BENPRO is proven to be effective and economical. Depending on the type of material, the thickness, the setting angle and radius, the fabric has a very long lifespan. For example: Thickness stainless-steel 1 mm, V8 angle; lifespan ±400 times. With a width of 120 mm, BENPRO can be moved two to three times sideways, which results in approximately 800 to 1200 moves.

Ben-Pro Demonstration

Seeing is believing, we understand that. In this video, we demonstrate the difference. You will see a stainless-steel sheet material being bent on a press brake. First with Ben-Pro, then without Ben-Pro. The difference on this modern and clean press brake is clearly visible.

Sample or information request

BEN-PRO protects stainless-steel – aluminium – specially polished stainless-steel against mould prints during bending on a press brake. Used for 20 years by partners in Europe, the United States, Australia and Asia. Try it yourself and request your free sample here.

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